“We’ll face it together”, you said
“There are no two other ways”.
When I said I’m almost
At the end of the rope
“Don’t worry. Hang in there”, you said
“I still have some hope”.
But they were words, empty words
Did they mean anything?
Coz when the time came and I went
Searching for them
I couldn’t hear a thing!
“Tell me your dreams”, you said
“Hug me and cry. I’m your teddy bear”
But when I really wanted to break down
You were never there.
“We’ll talk”, you said
“But the time is not right,
I promise I’ll hear you out”.
Did I not patiently wait for you
When you wanted time out?
And when things got bad
And I could take it no more
All you did was chicken out!
Betrayals and broken hearts
Empty words and broken promises galore
Why don’t you ever learn girl
How can you bear it anymore?
And now I have nothing more to say
Just pick up the broken pieces
And walk away!

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