Movie Review: Gully Boy

I loved it. It’s so realistic, the sets, the performances, the look, the characters, everything. I won’t say much about the story because everyone knows what it is. #ranveersingh is unbelievable. He is so much in character. You only see Murad and forget that he is Ranveer. And so is #aliabhatt
The movie does manage to touch a nerve. It made me realise how granted we take things in life. What we are today and where we are depends a lot on where we are born. And what happens to our life, our future also depends on how we decide to live. Life throws challenges at you, people will put you down. There are people who will scare you to shit. “Naukar ka beta naukar hi rahega”. You have to decide what you have to do. Be scared, accept your fate and live the standard life, live in fear, or be bold, take life in your hands, take risks and try to make your life better. At least try and not live a compromised life. Because after a while, compromises lead to frustrations.
It also made me realise the importance of freedom. My parents have always given me the freedom to do what I want, live life the way I want. Still, I could feel the pain and anguish Alia’s character feels when she is begging her parents not to put a stop to her education. And let’s just not talk about how parents force their children, especially daughters, to get married asap. Makes me really mad.
I liked the fact that Safeena loves Murad irrespective of his situation or that he doesn’t want to live the routine life, do a job and chase his dreams, however impossible they might be. She doesn’t mind if her partner is not rich or earning well. She is studying to become a surgeon and is happy to let him be what he wants. This is true feminism, true equality. A woman ready to manage the house while the man can pursue his dreams. When everyone can think like that, only then will there be equality in the society.
I also liked the line that Murad says to his father, have you ever thought that you might be wrong? That you have accepted your fate and changed your dreams. Why should I reduce my dreams because of my current situation? I’ll change the situation to suit my dreams. I have a gift and I’ll not give up on that.
Not everyone gets to live a life of their dreams. But you won’t if you don’t even try!
5 stars.

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