A Night to Remember

I was travelling from Seattle to Mumbai via Dubai. I had read a couple of days ago that the super full blood moon lunar eclipse was going to happen on the night that I was travelling and it will be visible in North America and Canada. I was hoping to enjoy this exotic luxury in my business class. However, I was not prepared for what actually happened that night.

The plane took off at 530 pm from Seattle. The sun had already set and the sky was lit up in the colors of dusk, red, orange, pink, violet, blue, all mixed to create a beautiful masterpiece.
And then I saw the moon. At 30,000 feet, it appeared to be huge and so close. It was truly a super full moon and it looked surreal.
Now I was just waiting for the lunar eclipse to begin. After finishing dinner, almost everyone in the flight had gone off to sleep. It was getting late and even I was feeling sleepy. But I had my window blinds open and was glancing at the moon every now and then.
And then it started, slowly and steadily, the Earth’s shadow wrapping a blanket over the moon, engulfing it. It took a while for the moon to be totally under the Earth’s shadow, but when it happened, it was truly a sight to see. I couldn’t take off my eyes from it. What happened next was beyond my imagination.

This flight from Seattle flies up over the North Pole and reaches Dubai. It was the month of January, winter. In the darkness that engulfed the sky following the total eclipse, the sky got lit up with a blanket of twinkling stars. And suddenly at the horizon, I could see some green lights dancing around. I rubbed my eyes and covered the window with the blanket so that no light from the flight escapes out, but my eyes never left those green lights outside. I couldn’t believe it. The Aurora Borealis was out there, dancing away gleefully, under the total super blood wolf moon that was engulfed by the Earth’s shadow. It was a sight to behold.
Emotions flooded me and there were tears in my eyes. I felt happy. I felt like the luckiest person on Earth. For a few moments, I couldn’t do anything. I was just transfixed.
After the initial euphoria died, I was still excited and looked around to tell someone about it, to share the joy so that others could also experience the spectacular sight outside the window. Everyone but a member of the crew, were fast asleep. I told her about the eclipse and she said she will go and see it as well. I was happy that I could share it with someone at least.
I tried to take pictures but my phone camera is not good enough. I shared it with my family and friends through Whatsapp and Facebook. I felt lucky, was it a sign of new beginnings, of happiness, of a new journey? It’s January and the beginning of the new year, a beginning of my new life and in such a beautiful way. Whatever it is, the sight was breathtaking and one that I’ll never forget. It was undoubtedly a night to remember.

P.S. The featured image is not taken by me. It is one of the free to use pics available on the web.

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