Home is not where you are from
It is where you belong
Where you feel most comfortable
Where you feel rested and at peace
Some of us travel the whole world to find it
Some of us find it in a person
But we forget to look inside of us
And ask a question
Am I truly Happy here?
And if you are, then wherever you are
Its Home!

And Dharamkot always feels like home to me.
Right from the first time I visited this place, I was immediately drawn to it. I went there for a short trip, to learn yoga and heal myself. But I fell deeply in love with it and was literally crying when I had to go back to the then called home. But I couldn’t stay away from here for too long. I had made up my mind to go back there. And so I did. In a couple of months, I packed my bags and moved to this quaint little village.
My parents were surprised as well as worried about me, because they couldn’t understand how a girl like me who has been born and brought up in a big city like Mumbai, who has traveled so much all over the world and lived in world class cities for the past decade, can give up a luxurious and convenient life and move to this small village in Himachal Pradesh, that doesn’t even have a pharmacy or an ATM machine. They were curious and followed me to this place to find out more. I’m not sure if they liked it or understood why I love it here, but they let me be.
The place has a different vibe, a different energy, that drew me. It may not be the most beautiful place that I have seen, but it has peace. It is here that I found myself.
And it was here that I found certain people, who like me, were equally attracted by the vibe of this place. Some of those people have become such close friends. These are bonds that will last a lifetime. These are people who understand each other, who don’t always need a conversation to feel each other. We just connect with the same energy, the same vibe.
Now I have moved out of Dharamkot to a slightly bigger town nearby, but whenever I go there, which I keep doing every now and then, I don’t feel like coming back. It just feels like home, like a base to my wandering soul. And I know that life is not over yet and that I will go back to this place someday and find my home again.

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