Chasing the Rainbow

Some images cannot be captured on camera but they get etched in your mind.
As I was driving along the scenic highways of New Zealand, the rainbow greeted me “Good evening”. “Good evening”, I replied. It then started playing catch with me. I saw it touching the road that I was going on, and I thought I can catch it if I drive faster. I was excited. I kept looking for it and tried to catch it along winding roads. When I thought I had nearly caught it, the road played a dirty trick and turned it’s way, away from the rainbow. I stopped to at least capture it on camera and realized that it’s a full 180 Deg semicircle. I could neither catch the rainbow nor capture its image on the camera. But it was surely a beautiful sight.
By the way, I realised that I had gone a bit on a different route than what was specified by Google maps. While all this was happening, I had appearantly ignored Google aunt’s commands and taken a detour. She was pretty miffed and wouldn’t speak to me after that. I had to restart it (and say sorry as well…. Uff that hurt my ego).

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