Movie Review: Lucknow Central

I went with 0 expectations and was pleasantly surprised.

Movie Plot

Lucknow Central is about a guy who dreams to have a band of his own and be famous for it. He gets falsely convicted in a murder and is sentenced a lifer and on death appeal by the family of the victim. The movie is about how he manages to convince fellow inmates to join an inter jail music band competition by plotting to escape during that. It’s got its fair share of drama in terms of the jailer beating up the inmate and putting him under isolation and the fights and gang wars between the inmates and the emotions and rejection they face during parole etc.
The climax is a bit predictable.

However, the performances by everyone is very good, except Diana Penty who has a 2-bit role and a single expression. Farhan does a good job and so do the rest of the characters.
The story line is crisp and fast moving and you won’t get bored. The songs are also few and keep you entertained.
Overall, it’s a one-time watch.


I’ll rate it 3 out of 5.


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