Mumbai ki baarish – Mumbai during the rains

There was a time when I used to detest the rains, especially in Mumbai. I do not like living in Mumbai anyways.
Being born and brought up in Mumbai, one has to face the heavy rains and water clogged streets during the monsoon season every year.
It was even more painful when the trains would stop running and the authorities would block some roads due to water logging. Many a times I have reached college or office completely drenched, and many a times I used to get stuck and had to stay with friends overnight. The muddy roads and potholes just added to the woes, along with the terrible traffic jams.
Although we had fun times too during the rainy season, especially at Lonavala with family and friends, getting drenched and playing in the waterfalls. Enjoying a bike ride in the rains on the foggy roads of Mahabaleshwar with friends.
And then came a time when the rains suddenly became beautiful. The splashing of sea at Marine drive, the beautiful beach at aksa, the greenery all around. I remember sitting near the water that got filled up near the vast empty space near my parent’s house. The waves made ripples in the water and it splashed against the edges giving it an ocean like feel. Watching the rainbow from the window at home. It was very beautiful and romantic.
And today, after so many years, nearly 14 years, when I went back to Marine Drive in the monsoon, all those memories came flooding back and I once again fell in love with Mumbai and Mumbai rains. Walking around the Queen’s necklace, the cool breeze blowing your hair in your face, the splashing waves of the sea, the people around enjoying the rains on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the police men patrolling around to ensure people are safe. I loved every bit of it.

Mumbai, you always were and will be at your best during the rains.

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  1. Very well written. I so concur these thoughts on the rains of Mumbai!! The best and will always be!

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