Movie Review: Bareilly ki Barfi

Frankly, I went because I was desperate to watch a movie in the theatre since a very long time.
And even though I avoid sweets most of the time, this Barfi didn’t disappoint me. However, its neither as endearing as Nil battey Sannata, the earlier venture of the director, nor as heartwarming as Dangal, whose director is the writer of this one.
But I still found it just the right amount of sweet. It’s a short movie, just 2 hrs, about a small town girl who is raised like a boy by her father, who loves break dance and smokes sometimes, but is heartbroken to hear her mother’s taunts on being rejected by all the marriage suitors. She decides to run away from home and as luck would have it, chances upon a book written by the hero of the film. Thus, begins a love triangle with Hrishikesh Mukherjee type lies and some light moments of Fun. Dont expect a chupke chupke though.
The performances are the highlight of the movie. Everyone except kriti sanon, fit the role as nicely as a perfect sized glove. But Kriti looks and acts too urban for the role of a small town girl. She doesn’t even look good with both the lead actors, Ayushmann Khurrana and Rajkummar Rao. Well yes, this is how they spell their names and I haven’t made any spelling mistakes.
Both the lead actors have done a fabulous job, especially Rajkummar Rao. Even the actors who play kirit’s parents have done a good job.
Its not a great movie. But it’s definitely better than the crap that gets made these days.
I would give it a 3.5/5. The extra 0.5 for Rajkummar.

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