A carefree bird

I was once a carefree Bird
Flying over the skies
Soaring my wings
He came, I saw, I flipped
Falling head over heels in love.
I followed him wherever he went.
He flew, I followed.

Together we flew
Over mountains and skies
Going up and down
And low and high.

Wings hurt, muscles ached, heart sank, eyes burnt
But I gathered my strength and followed
Sometimes I felt my heart soar
Sometimes it felt crushed to pieces
But I kept gathering the bits
And continued to fly again.

Weights were tied to my wings
Making it tough to fly
I tried and I tried
And the wings grew tired
But I was determined to fly high.

The wings felt clipped
Oh no! What happened!?
I came crushing down.
My sky was lost
My love was short
Never enough for him to stay.

Now I have to grow my wings again
And I have to learn to fly
The weather might change
The wind might change
But the skies will be the same.

So long my friend
I wish you a good flight, I said
Our journey together ends here.
You lost me love
You lost my love
Things will never be the same ever.

And as I fly away
My wings struggle
Slowly finding their lost strength
They will grow back
They just need more practice
And I will find the carefree bird again.

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