A little paradise called Chhitkul

As I sat by the Baspa river, all i could hear was the water gushing by. The force was tremendous.
What was i thinking? Or was I just listening to the sounds of the water? I love the sound of water. The sound of rain falling pitter patter, the sound of the stream flowing near my room, the sound of the waterfall, both natural and the man-made structure that I had bought for my home. And this sound of the river. It was very loud and I strained to hear anything else. But it didn’t matter, as I didn’t want to hear anything else. Just listen to the water flowing and absorb the pristine beauty of the place. Chhitkul.

The small village in Himachal Pradesh at the border with Chinese occupied Tibet. At 3450 meters altitude, this place is breathtakingly beautiful.
Surrounded by lush green mountains on all sides, the Baspa river flows through making its way to meet Sutlej river at Karcham, about 30 kms from Chhitkul.
There is no going beyond this place. One has to turn back to go anywhere else. The Indo Tibetian border security force and the army have their camps there and it is around 60 kms walk to the border.

This is a peaceful border and the geographical conditions and the weather conditions make it difficult for anyone to attack India. Hence, the army is also kind of relaxed here.
There are a few guest houses and hotels here and a couple of camping sites which have tents. The tents are fully functional ones with beds and attached bathrooms. However, they do not have electricity and are expensive, around Rs. 3500 per tent per night and can be shared only by 2 people. You can use own tent, but you need to take permission and pay 2500 just for the space to put up your tent. And no toilet facilities.

There are a lot of fields around and the local people farm here as their main occupation. The other source of income is tourism, which is the only for a few months in summer. This place is rich in flora and fauna.
The Samaa resort is the last resort on that road and offers fantastic views. The room rate is Rs. 2000. The rooms are nice and spacious and very comfortable. There is an attached bathroom and a balcony.
How to reach Chhitkul: We did this as a part of the road trip to Spiti. Driving from Chandigarh to Shimla to Rampur to Saharan to Sangla to Chhitkul. There are hptdc buses that also come here. You can get the bus from Rampur. I think there are buses from Shimla as well.
The road conditions are decent to drive.

When to go: Summer months from April to August. It gets too cold after that. Roads close from November onwards.
How many days: you can easily spend a day there absorbing the beauty of the place. There is nothing else to do there. Just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature at it’s pristine best.

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  1. Hidden beauty…chitkul
    Useful information will guide all of us
    Also heard about Hikim village near chitkul..
    It’s having high attitude operational post office

  2. So precisely you have described your experience. Earlier planned to visit Spiti and enroute explore chitkul too. Will definitely plan a trip to hamlet. Also read tales of wanderlust on Ghoomakad.in

  3. Thank you Vasudha! This is one of the most simple, effective n honest description of your experiences in Chitkul. I will surely be spending a few days there in September! Thanx again.

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