Dairies and diaries

I have been writing my travel diary for a few years now. My friends used to tell me to write a blog especially because I have travelled to 37 different countries and counting. Now I’m kind of on a discovery of my own country, India; as well as a discovery of myself. 

So I packed my bags n baggage and decide to move to Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, and my journey of self discovery starts from here.
I finally decided to pen my diary online and create a blog. A friend told me that .life domains are now available. So i decided to buy one and searched for mydiary.life. And voila, it was available and I immediately bought it. After setting it all up(well my dear friend helped me do that) I wrote my first blog and published it. I downloaded the WordPress app but was unable to login. I wrote to customer support and kept arguing with them on why I wasn’t able to login on the app when the site is already live.
After a lot of effort spent in checking forums and debugging and trying different things, I finally realized, what a dumbass I have been. I bought a domain “mydairy.life” instead of “mydiary.life“. 

Now what?!?!

I immediately checked for the original one but, hola, it was now 10 times the price. What a bummer! It took me days to think of a suitable name and then I make such a silly mistake.
So then I went ahead and bought the current one “mydiaryof.life“, which is also not bad. 

All this was quite amusing actually. Especially the dairy part. Due to my love for milk and dairy products, I have always been the butt of many dairy jokes since childhood. One of my pet names is ‘doodha’, the girl who loves doodh, milk in Hindi. Coincidence? Or just destiny? Or an indication that I need to have my own dairy.

Nevertheless, quite funny. 

Moral of the story: Dont be too excited and always double check things before buying online. Beware of auto correct and spell check. 

8 thoughts on “Dairies and diaries

  1. Vasudha this is very interesting. You will definately do extremely well in thing which you luv the most.
    Wish you all the very best in whatever to you. God Bless and take care

  2. You’ll be a drunkard (MILK) for the rest of your life. And keep the auto correct off; will not commit any more bloomers. 😉

  3. My wife is also like you… Still does not know the pronunciation difference between ‘Diary’ and ‘Dairy’! You and she, suit each other! Anyway, all the very best.

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